The New England Basecamp proudly salutes Blackstone Valley Prep for two significant national recognitions in the past month:

On June 11, 2017, The Diverse Charter School Coalition recognized BVP as the National School of the Year at a ceremony in Washington D.C.

Sonia Park, Executive Director of the Coalition, notes, “BVP redefines community and through its thoughtful and deliberate approach to diversity, shows how charter schools can be a mechanism for integration.  We hope that both other charters and districts take note and embrace intra- and interdistrict strategies to bring students and families together to learn by and from each other.”

On June 12, 2017, the very next day, Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes published findings of a national study that showed BVP students learn the equivalent of about 100 extra days of instruction in reading and mathematics, per year.

James Woodworth, the report’s author, said, “On the whole, the findings show that attending a charter school that is part of a larger network of schools is associated with improved educational outcomes for students.”

We believe that we operate at the intersection between research theory and evidence-based practice. As new teaching and learning models evolve that better integrate student voice, equity, and shared leadership practices at the school level, we spotlight excellence in teaching and learning and the integration of emerging evidence-based best practices in education. These school and classroom-based observations challenge our assumptions about what teaching and learning can look like, and the evolving role that schools play in our communities. This is hard work, but GOOD work too.  

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