Join us this Sunday night (10/23/16, 8-9 PM) for #EDChatRI on the topic of Critical Thinking in our Schools

By Wendy Espinoza Cotta, Associate Director of Personalized Learning, RIMA

Recently, my colleague Shayna Fox-Norwitz described her reflections during a visit to one of our Summit personalized learning cohort schools in a blog post, Notes from the Classroom…Critical Thinking in our Schools.¬†She noticed a student sitting out in the hallway, preparing herself to retake a failed content assessment (online post-test). In engaging the student in deeper inquiry, the student left the exchange, partly victorious and confident in her own critical thinking thought process and partly grateful for having an educator engage her in such a level of deep academic conversation. So often, the everyday routines prevent us from engaging in reflection and deeper levels of critical inquiry.

This Sunday (10/23/16) night from 8-9 PM EST, we are pleased to co-moderate the Twitter chat #edchatri, and we will be discussing the topic of critical thinking in our schools. We will pose the following essential questions for discussion:

Q1: What is critical thinking?

Q2: How do we cultivate critical thinkers in our classrooms?

Q3: How do you, your colleagues and/or school celebrate and capitalize on evidence of critical thinking?

Q4: What are the challenges to fostering critical thinking?

Q5: What else can teachers and school leaders do to celebrate critical thinking?

Q6: How have you integrated current events in your efforts to foster critical thinking?

Q7: What will you do next week to foster critical thinking?

We look forward to providing this opportunity for reflection and our own collective critical thinking process. See you soon!



Wendy Espinoza Cotta

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