Join #edchatri this Sunday night, 12/11/16, 8-9 pm to focus on: What is a self-directed learner?

Join #edchatri this Sunday, 12/11/16 from 8-9 pm EST to discuss,

“What is a self-directed learner?”

These are our focus questions, and we welcome you to share your reflections and insight. Photos, resources and stories are encouraged!

Q1: What is a self-directed learner?

Q2: How do we support self-directed learners to have more influence & agency in our classrooms?

Q3: How do you, your colleagues and/or school celebrate evidence of self-directed learning?

Q4: What are the challenges to fostering self-directed learning throughout your classroom or school?

Q5: What else can teachers and school leaders do to celebrate self-directed learning?

Q6: What will you do next week to foster self-directed learning?

As a launch point, please read my reflections on Supporting Self-Directed Learners. We do not have the answers but we are committed to the journey of pondering and finding answers together!

See you there!



Wendy Espinoza Cotta