Join #edchatri this Sunday, 2/26/17 from 8-9 pm EST to discuss, Organizing to Learn and Executive Functioning

Join #edchatri this Sunday, 2/26/17 from 8-9 pm EST to discuss: Organizing to Learn and Executive Functioning.

We welcome you to share your reflections and insight. Photos, resources and stories are encouraged!

Q1 Giving a percentage estimate, how many of your students in your school, district, or classroom show evidence of having strong organization skills? Are the majority of students skilled organizers?

Q2 What are the challenges that students confront in trying to stay organized?

Q3 Do you or teachers in your school/district teach student organizational skills?

Q4 What strategies or resources have you employed (or seen others employ) to help students build their executive functioning skills?

Q5 How can we support teachers in teaching organizational skills?

Q6 How else can we approach teaching organizational skills at the school or classroom level?

As a launch point, please read Organize to Learn.

See you there!


Dr. Shayna Fox-Norwitz